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Call Mark F. Milhollin, P.C. at (770) 999-6700 to discuss the details of your parenting time and visitation questions. Perhaps you want more time with your children and need to modify your parenting plan. Maybe you are trying to negotiate your initial visitation schedule as you divorce and need assistance. No matter your situation, Mark Milhollin will work with you to do what is in the best interest of your children and their long-term well-being.

Your family law attorney can answer your questions on forming a parenting plan

The specific details that can affect your parenting time and visitation rights in Georgia are nearly endless. To get answers that fit your specific situation, contact attorney Mark F. Milhollin. When you do you will have the opportunity to ask an experienced and compassionate family law attorney about the best way to achieve your goals as you develop or seek to modify your Georgia parenting plan. Some of the considerations you may discuss with your attorney include:

  • How is a fair visitation schedule created?
  • What if we have a dispute about how much time one of us gets to see the kids?
  • Does the child’s opinion influence the visitation schedule?
  • I think the visitation schedule is disruptive to my child’s school schedule; can I challenge it?
  • After a parenting plan has been submitted and filed with the court is it possible to modify the parenting time agreement?

Having an attorney to help anticipate and overcome challenges related to child visitation issues as you prepare or seek to revise your parenting plan will make the long-term health of your family’s relationship much more likely.

Call (770) 999-6700 to speak with Mark F. Milhollin. Get the legal counsel and representation you need.

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